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Core Values

  • Children – It is a privilege for us to serve some of God’s neediest children.Because of that, we pledge to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care.We are committed to providing the resources necessary to give our children the hope and purpose for the future that is the foundation of our mission statement.

  • Family – We are committed to providing a family atmosphere at the Children’s Home and to working with our children’s families to provide an appropriate plan for the child’s return to their home.

  • Education – We believe that our children are entitled to a quality education, regardless of their background and educational deficiencies.We provide an accredited on-campus school for children who come to us with educational, social or behavioral deficits.Our goal is to transition the children to the public school system where appropriate.We also provide GED classes for our older residents when it is determined that is the most appropriate course of action.We also provide support for our graduates for continuing education.Our educational planning is centered on the needs of the individual child and how these needs may best be accomplished.

  • Religious Life – As a ministry of the Presbyterian Church USA, we are committed to providing our children the opportunity to worship God and explore their religious beliefs.We have weekly chapel services and provide our children the opportunity to attend worship services on Sunday.

  • Recreation – We believe that teaching children how to appropriately spend their leisure time is very important.Our recreation director provides activities that keep the children physically active and are enjoyable.Our goal is to create habits that will lead to a healthy life style throughout their lives.

  • Community Relations – We consider ourselves to be an active member of our community.Our children attend public schools, work at part-time jobs, and perform community service projects.Our staff members are active in community organizations and serve on local boards.It is important for us to give back to our community.

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