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The Presbyterian Children's Home of the Highlands is a long-term residential care facility located in Southwest Virginia designed to house 25 residents (10 boys & 10 girls, as well as 5 young men in our independent living program) in a cottage setting.  The facility is licensed to work with residents 5 – 21 years of age, providing programming for both males and females.


Our program uses a five-level behavior modification system which is daily scored by houseparents.  This system is monitored through a score sheet.  Residents earn or loose privileges dependent upon their behavior scores.  We believe in natural consequences for behaviors.



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What We Do

  • PCHH considers all admissions on a non-discriminatory basis.

  • PCHH provides residency services to qualified children and youth of parents/guardians residing in Virginia.

  • We work with abused and neglected youth who have behavioral and emotional difficulties that have made them unsuccessful in their home environment.

  • We design programs and services to help children, youth, and families who are experiencing low-to-moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems.

  • We evaluate problems the child has been displaying as well as their I.Q.

  • PCHH networks with agencies, as well as with child and family advocacy organizations.

  • All residential children coming into PCHH's program must consent to placement. In every case, our ultimate course of action will be that which is most appropriate to the child's well-being.



What PCHH D­oesn't Do

  • We are not a boarding school.

  • We cannot admit individuals who are considered to be a danger to themselves or others.

  • We are not licensed to serve the needs of the physically, mentally, or severely emotionally handicapped.

  • We are not a locked facility.




For more information,

contact Debbie Riggs, Program Director, at or call 276-228-2861.







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